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Hi there,

I am Trishala, a User Experience Designer (UX). 

Co-creating and working alongside the user is what I enjoy the most. Especially when you see that the product you've made brings a smile on their face. 

At the moment I am working as a UX designer for a company called ORTEC. 

For those who don't know what UX is, well its the experience of technology. A good UX means that technology is easier to use and you won't notice it. So if I do my job well,  you will not notice what I have done!

---- Expertise ----

UX/UI Design      User research        Usability testing 

 Interaction design     Digital design     Concept design        Human Computer Interaction       Creative ideas   

 Gamification         Digital writing        Digital media 


---- Experience ----

Companies I've worked with

User Experience Designer

Nov  2019 - present
  • UX design, UX/design research, usability testing and user research.

  • Working on a hybrid app with the purpose to provide the user with a platform to plan their work schedule.

  • Working on developing software which calculates a forecast and shifts based on demands. 

  • Side projects with the design team.

Usability test

Municipality of The Hague
May 2018 - Sept 2018
  • Contributed to a usability test of a new website, which is intended for internal use. The system integrators collected all the test results and incorporated this to make the website more user friendly and informative.

Allround designer (UX/UI), digital editor & usability researcher
Business Talent Network
Sept 2014 - Jan 2015
  • Conducted usability tests for new platforms of the company. The goal was to make the platform more user friendly and engaging for the target group.

  • Manage, design and edit the direct mailings and newsletters. Analyse the traffic it generated and use this to improve the user experience.

  • Design additional (digital) products.

  • Keep the social media accounts and the several websites up to date.

User Experience Designer and consultant

Oct 2018 -  Aug 2019
  • UX/UI design, usability testing, user research and UX/design research

  • Worked on a native app for a governmental organization. The goal was that the target group had all the necessary needs within one application.

User Experience Designer & Researcher (grad.project)
The Hague University of Applied Science Faculty Social work & Education
Feb 2016 - Nov 2016
  • Research into the lifestyle of the Dutch student to find out in which capacity they could be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and how this could be stimulated by implementing an interactive design.

  • Research the possibilities and capabilities that interactive designs have, such as gamification among other things. 

  • In-depth user research.

  • Made high-fi prototypes of two concepts and tested them with the target group.

Design tools I've worked with

Adobe creative suite


















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